The best way to improve your blood sugar level is to lose weight and exercise.  Before you start any weight loss program ask your doctor for help to get to a healthy weight.  When you have diabetes, exercise and fitness is important for living a healthy life.  Studies show that being active can improve your blood sugar level. It may also delay type-2 diabetes or reduce its effects. Exercise can also help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart problems. Controlling these issues now will help you to be healthier as an adult and have a better quality of life.  Eat healthy foods, exercise, and maintain a good weight to help manage your blood sugar level and stay healthy. Physical activity can help you:

  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Increase your good cholesterol and lowers your bad cholesterol level
  • Lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or burn extra calories so you can keep your weight down
  • Increase your energy and improve your mood
  • Prevent heart and blood issues now and in the future
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and nerve damage for the rest of your life